Contribute to the docs

Like Simpla itself, this documentation is entirely open-source and available on GitHub. If you spot an error or see something you can contribute to, make a pull request! Just click the Edit this page button at the top of the page you want to edit, or create a PR directly against the docs repo on Github.

Documentation is written in GitHub Flavored Markdown. If you've used GitHub, it's pretty likely you've encountered it before. It's built into this site with GitBook.


Each page in the docs is its own markdown file in the GitHub repo, and these files are organized in a nice logical file structure. Each section (eg: Guides) is a folder (eg: /guides/). Every section folder has a, which displays as its index page.

There is also an assets/ folder which contains supporting assets (images, stylesheets, etc) used by the docs.

Table of Contents

The documentation's structure is defined in a global table of contents in the file. It's a netsted list of markdown links.

Overview page

The root is the documentation home summary (ie: Overview), it's purpose is to orient new readers, and also give a quick elevator pitch of what Simpla is.


We're always iterating on our documentatin to make sure it's the best it can be, and we're always appreciative of any help we can get. Please let the world know you've contributed, or give @simplajs a shout out on Twitter.

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