Simpla uses additional adapters to provide pluggable, service-agnostic functionality on top of the core library. Currently authentication is the only interface that uses adapters, in future more functionality may be split from the core into seperate adapters.

All official adapters are bundled with the simpla package on NPM and Unpkg, under the adapters folder.


The SimplaNetlify adapter uses Netlify’s OAuth services to authenticate collaborators on your Github repo with Simpla. It’s located under /adapters/netlify.js.

You will need to have an OAuth application for Simpla registered on your Github account (see getting started). Set the Authorization callback URL for your OAuth app to, and take note of the Client ID and Client Secret.

To setup Netlify:

  1. In your Netlify site, navigate to Site Settings > Access Control > OAuth
  2. Under Authentication Providers, click Install Provider
  3. Select GitHub and enter the Client ID and Client Secret, then save

Import the adapter and instantiate it with your Netlify site name on the auth property in Simpla.init

import SimplaNetlify from 'simpla/adapters/netlify';

  auth: new SimplaNetlify({
    site: 'mysite'

You can also include the adapter as a UMD module in a <script> tag, exposed as window.SimplaNetlify

<script src="/node_modules/simpla/adapters/netlify.js"></script>

Pro tip: Linking your Github repo to Netlify automatically pushes all your content to a high-performance CDN, set source in Simpla.init to your Netlify site URL (eg: https://[site] for instant super performance

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