Browser support

Simpla supports all modern browsers.

Browser Supported Version Method
Google Chrome Current Native
Safari Current Native
Opera Current Native
Internet Explorer 10+ Polyfill
Microsoft Edge Current Polyfill
Firefox Current Polyfill
Safari Mobile Current Native
Chrome Mobile Current Native

Note: While Simpla supports IE10+, it expects to be in an environment with Promise support, and doesn’t bundle its own polyfill. Ensure you’re including a compatible polyfill if you support IE

Simpla relies on an emerging family of web standards called Web Components. Support for Web Components is being actively developed by all major vendors. Google Chrome and its derivatives (Opera, Chrome mobile) and Safari (macOS & iOS) currently have full support, while Firefox and Microsoft Edge have partial support and require small polyfills.

See the support grid at the bottom of for more information on what is supported natively and what is being polyfilled across browsers.

In practice this means Simpla enjoys native-level performance in Chrome and Safari, and performance similar to other leading Javascript libraries in other browsers.

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